Stress Relief

so i like to write books, i even already have a book published but i’ve hit a road block. i can’t for the life of me write anything lately with the stress at work and the mood swings that always come this time of month. When i get stressed i either play video games or read a poem from my own book. This one is my favorite.


My Life Dream

It’s a dream i’ve long since had

From when i was a little girl playing with the lads

To see the great city of Rome was no goal

But to see Notre Dame to please my soul

The greatest cathedral of all time

Which has been so long my tool to rhyme

One day i want to see

The greatest building ever to be

Though it not be my religious home

I dream to stand under it’s dome

I pray to walk through it’s doors

And finally make my grounded spirit soar

But i have no money to go

But it won’t make me low

I will get there one day

Because it’s what i choose to say

Money won’t stop me or make me blue

Because anything can make my dreams come true

I’ll work for what i want

Not be deterred by social blunts

One day i will see it with my own eyes

And then they will see that i can’t be stopped by their lies.


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