Hell of a day

So today I finished writing one of my novels. I’ve worked on it periodically over the past few years but finally finished it today. I’m hoping to get my bf to edit it so I can make a good cover and self publishing it. I’m just worried it won’t get anyone’s interest and flop like my poetry book, Moods Of a Million did. Some say my pen name is to blame but I think Morgan Topaz is a good name. Well after finishing it I got to work on an enclosure for my turtle. The area I choose was a royal mess from the uncle living there with a hoarding habit. So my bf, his cousin and I spent 5 hours in Tennessee heat making it acceptable. While working we found another little box turtle so I washed and fed it with my little girl. Finally finished and it looked great so we left to go eat and get groceries. Come home after dark and go to find my two little ladies only to learn BOTH are gone. No way to escape without help of a human or large animal. I feel like sh!t because they’re gone after Queenie, my first turtle ever, was just made happy and healthy while living in a box until I could get what I needed for an enclosure. Maybe it’s a sign I can’t have anything but a cat or dog that’s inside. Or maybe a sign I shouldn’t publish since if I hadn’t finished the book, I wouldn’t have felt so productive and finished the enclosure…


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