A little background on me. I’ve been doing warehouse work through temp agencies since my 18th birthday. I’ve had 3 retail jobs and none have lasted more than a year if i’m lucky. This last job, it was for a warehouse in Tennessee called Technicolor. I worked there through an agency called alliance. I’ve been there almost a year, would have been a year on august 18th, 2017. i was a Q.A, it means quality assurance. my job at first was to pick random boxes on each and every pallet of product we shipped out and make sure that the product matched the order. fairly fun and easy job. then i had to do Q.A and case packing. case packing just meant that i palletized, i put the product that was boxed up on the pallet the correct way. I got sick around end of january. i kept getting these horrible migraines and then one stayed around for nearly 3 full months. it finally broke and i went to work but when i had the migraine, i did miss several days because the pain put me in the hospital. Today i took off of work after on thursday leaving early due to extremely low blood sugar. I was sick today and still hadn’t eaten enough to feel comfortable working in 100 degree heat inside a warehouse with my sugar issues. This morning around 9am the agency calls me and makes sure im coming in to work tomorrow. I say yes,  i am. They just called about an hour ago and told me my contract was ended for attendence. I mean really? The warehouse’s busiest time is literally a week away and they fire one of their main people just because i got sick and decided not to come in and throw up all the time? I now have to wait a month if i’m lucky to get another job through my agency or if i’m not lucky, i won’t be able to find a job because i don’t have enough experience in other kinds of work.


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