high hopes

So i figured since i’m unemployed at the moment, i’d take my boyfriend’s advice and try writing some more. While he was sleeping i decided to sign up for amazon kindle self publishing and make both a paperback and a ebook of the first full book that i’ve ever written. i dont believe it to be my best but it was the first thing i ever wrote that i wasn’t told to write and didn’t use a prop for. it was the first thing that my imagination ever came up with and that was back in middle school.  Do i think it’ll sell, i dont know. i hope someone likes it. but its given me energy and joy to know i self published something and i’ve already started working on the next one that i know will be far better than the first. funny thing is, if i hadn’t been fired for being sick and missing work, i probably would never have finished the book or even bothered publishing it. now in 72 hours i’ll have another book on amazon and this time, i am in control of making sure it gets attention. i hope this is the first step in a long route to becoming my dream of a published writer.


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