a small part (watch language)

figured i’d share a small part of the first part of what i’m currently writing. I’m really proud of this one and i have high hopes for it to become something special.

He awoke in an ice cold sweat; the bed as wet as a leaf after a fresh spring rain. The remnants of the dream stalking him, even to his waking hours. It had been a long time since he thought of the night he lost everything he ever held dear; a longer time since it bothered him in his dreams. Could the current case he was working on be the cause of his past coming back up in his mind? He hoped not because that would mean that he would have made a mistake in the past and he didn’t like to make mistakes.

RING RING RING!!! The high pitch of the cell phone startled him and as he rolled over to get to his cell phone; he rolled right off the bed and into the nightstand that stood next to the bed.

WHAM! His sweat soaked head resounded with the impact of his skull meeting the corner of his walnut brown nightstand. His milk chocolate brown eyes crossed and his brain rocked in his skull like a ball in a ping pong machine.

It’s 3 in the fucking morning, this better be damn good.” Detective Moran mumbled into the phone. Already the dream was disappearing from his mind and all that remained was a splitting headache. He got himself into a sitting position and reached overhead to get the aspirin on the stand as he waited for the other person to answer him.

I wish it was good but it’s not. There is another body Aaron, and it’s a little girl this time. The perp did a number on her, man. He is spiraling out but he hasn’t made a mistake yet. And Aaron, he is carving numbers on the body now, you got to come in, I’ve already called that woman with the track record of bringing in big time crooks.” Detective Woods said. He knew Aaron would have been asleep but this newest victim made his stomach churn. In the 15 years he had been a cop, he had only worked with Detective Aaron Moran for 4 years and the way the guy slept still shocked him. But he knew that he would come in so Detective Woods went out and got one black coffee, a hot chocolate and one soda. The coffee was for him and the soda was for Detective Moran but the hot chocolate was for the newest recruit to the team. Her name was Special Agent Willow Oake and for some weird reason, all she drank was healthy stuff. He did his research and on his way to getting the drinks, he went back over her records.




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