Sneaking game time

So I’m unemployed and when my boyfriend goes to work, I spend first 2-3 hours applying for jobs, applying for unemployment and apartment hunting but after that I’m bored. My boyfriend likes to play World of Warcraft after he gets off. He’s tried to get me to play but I would rather watch him play. He has no clue I made an account and do play. I even got a character in his guild thanks to another friend of his. He has no clue it’s me or that I play. It’s become kinda funny to make or find or get things in game he wants but has wrong character for and leave it in a mailbox for him. He gets so fussy over this “stranger” constantly giving him stuff and keeps wanting to play with them but is never on at same time. I don’t know if i should get on at the same time as him one day, claiming to be on Fate, an older computer game i enjoy, or continue to aggravate him by having the “mystery person” leaving him stuff.


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