After what just happened to me, i’m seriously considering writing a book telling people to get over it. I was explaining to someone the issue with their information source for the danger of feeding raw meat to a cat when i was told to watch my language. ok, all i had said was that it was dumb shit to just feed a cat dry food. Really? i got told to watch my language over the word shit? In this day and age, shit is the LEST “cuss” word i can use. I understand the older generations to a point but if they can catch on to things like facebook and instagram, then they can accept that people are going to use words that probably won’t like. as for the “cussing”, my personal belief is that it adds color and emotion to what you are saying and as long as you aint calling ME names, i don’t care. so say fuck, bitch, shit, ass; it don’t faze me. and if something is extremely stupid, call it shit. if something is full of said shit, call it bullshit. i still wont get offended or tell you to watch your language. I was personally raised that watching language was just until you were 18 or if you were around children under 18. i am 25 and the one who corrected me is in their late 40s. no children were around, unless you count a 2yr old cat. by telling someone to watch their language, you are basically telling them that who they are, isn’t allowed in your presence. and then you want to throw a fit about them acting fake, yeah, they are going to act differently then themselves when you put a barrier on the very thing that shows who they are. language does so much more than tell someone about something else. it tells the person’s personality and spirit through tone, energy and yes, word USAGE. that means every word ever created. now slang is a different story, theres a new slang every month it seems but so called “cuss” words have been around for years and years. you got an issue with it, just ignore the word and continue talking to the person. don’t make them feel like they are under attack because you don’t like a word or two they said.


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